Viral heartwarming TikTok video of an airplane full of puppies

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A viral video, guaranteed to make anyone smile, has garnered millions of “likes” after Cassandra Bergeron’s post featured a small plane filled to capacity with fluffiness and tiny wet noses.

The video, posted by cassventures featured 27 dogs enjoying the 45 minute plane ride from Alabama to Orlando, Florida – a flight that saved these adorable little pooches from being euthanized at local shelters.

“I was in pure bliss. I didn’t want to land. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.”

Cassandra told Daily Paws

Even though the video just hit the internet this week, the rescue endeavor occurred in July after Cassandra’s friend, training to be a pilot offered to volunteer on the rescue flight. And it was Michael Young from Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights who helped with the arrangements and made the flight possible.

The puppies were all prepared with their traveling papers, primped to look their absolute cutest and fed a bit of honey to quell any nausea. At the time of takeoff, four humans boarded, and there were puppies everywhere! And the puppies had already had some playtime prior to boarding, so most were content to relax and take in the cuddle time. Of course, Bergeron said there were some puppy ‘accidents’ but no one complained.

When the flight and the precious cargo arrived in Orlando, 15 volunteers waited to greet them. Since this rescue happened in July, it is likely all of the puppies have since been adopted, but oh – there are so many puppies still in need of loving homes. Please go to your nearest shelter and find that fuzzy little pal if you’re in the position to adopt a new family member. And please don’t forget the seniors. They are waiting for new homes also.

Many thanks to Michael Young from Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights – he has been credited with saving the lives of more than 7,000 dogs.

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