Video shows man spike cat into the ground – cat did not survive

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A cat in Cleveland, Ohio, is dead and a surveillance video shows a man spiking the feline to the ground beforehand. As reported by Fox 8 News, the surveillance footage shows a man pick up a cat that had just ran across the road near West 105 and Almira – the same footage then shows the man raising his arm into the air and slamming the cat into the ground.

According to the news agency, the cat died. The news’ investigative team spoke to the man, whose identity has not yet been released, and asked him about the incident. The news agency said:

We reminded him, the video shows him picking up the cat, then spiking it like a football. He responded with “No….” He added, “…to get it off my hand, I went like this (making a shaking motion with his hand).”

The man claims that the cat was already injured before he slammed it to the ground. When the investigative team asked him why he didn’t call someone to help the cat instead of spiking it to the ground, he didn’t have an answer.

The situation is being investigated by the Animal Protective League.

(Screenshot from security footage)

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