Video of cat at shelter with blue fur feared he had been used as bait in dog fighting ring

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A viral video of a cat with blue fur hit the internet by storm this week after viewers feared the cat had been used as bait for training dogs in the illegal practice of dog fighting.

Theo Randall, using the name of @manicrandall on TikTok, posted an adorable video of the bright blue cat turned into a Michigan animal shelter. The video has been viewed nearly five million times and has been liked by more than one million people.


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♬ Blue (Da Ba Dee) – CDM Project


“This is Smurf,” Randall wrote as the cat shook his paw appearing to be waving at the camera.

Randall used the song by CMD Project Blue.

“We do not know why Smurf is blue, but he seems okay with it,” Randall wrote.

Smurf drew a ton of comments, and multiple offers to adopt him came flooding in, but the main concern still centered around why the cat was blue. Often cats have been reported to be dyed to use as dog fighting bait, and that idea made many viewers cringe.

Still other people had doubts; after all Smurf didn’t have any injuries and seemed quite friendly and confident – behavioral traits one wouldn’t expect from a cat that had been subjected to abuse.

Fortunately, after follow up investigations, Smurf was not dog fighting bait.

“Smurf’s owner has contacted us so we know that he previously had a home. He was professionally dyed with what is likely pet safe dye. The owner has a week to come get him and unfortunately she never showed when she said she would…”

And now the friendly blue kitty is up for adoption.

Check out the shelter video here:

(Copy and paste the url into your browser to view)

For more information about Smurf or the other cats available for adoption:




Pool time 😉


Adorable baby beaver


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Frustrated pup


2 replies
  1. alexon says:

    those people should be punished severely for animal cruelty .the people who does such cruel thing to cats should be sent to jail

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    I don’t understand WHY someone would do this??? I would NEVER dye my furbaby’s fur…… It seems so cruel….. I give them baths (& they let me know very clearly how much they hate them)…… I can’t imagine what they would do if I dyed them!!!
    My husband and I will dress them in our football team’s colors (tshirt or sweater) for the game only. They are ok with it because they get lots of treats…… other than special holidays, they are “au natural”!!! IMHO That cat could have been wearing a team collar or vest….. instead of being dyed……


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