Urgent! Shelter pleads for senior dog who has no more time

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An urgent plea for help has been issued on behalf of a senior dog named Duke. On Thursday, the ARF Harbor Shelter wrote a Facebook post about Duke, who is out of time at the facility:

Grandpa Duke is at the end of his life. We wish for someone to take him home, give him a soft bed and love him. He should be the only dog in the home. Duke must exit the shelter by 4 p.m. 11-5. Please consider opening your home to a senior. Contact the shelter if you wish to adopt or rescue Grandpa Duke.

Tomorrow is Duke’s last day if nobody steps forward to save him. The shelter’s description of Duke makes the thought of his untimely demise even harder to bear:

Duke is an endearing and well-mannered grandpa who wants nothing more than to be around people and to be loved; he actually cries when he sees his favorite people approaching his kennel. Duke moves slowly due to arthritis, when he hobbles through the kennels to go to the yard. He has no need for toys or vigorous playtime, just being in your presence is enough for him. Duke stays close to you in the yard, so he won’t miss any back scratches or pets.

Sadly, Duke has been at the shelter for over a year…and nobody has wanted him. The shelter writes:

When Duke is returned to his kennel after visits, he stands politely and lets you exit the kennel, or he goes back to his bed and lays down. He knows his sit but does so very slowly and is a gentle treat taker. Duke has aged while being at the shelter since Oct. 10, 2020. He really needs a home to live out the remainder of his life. Please consider giving Duke a home.

Please share Duke’s information today – tomorrow will be too late.

Petharbor Link

Duke ID #1955420
8 Years Old
81 lbs Male Unaltered
Intake date: October 10, 2020

Harbor Animal Shelter 957 North Gaffey Street San Pedro, CA

Contact Info: Direct Line 888-452-7381

Lifesaving Liaison, Delicia Hernandez

(213) 605-4473Delicia.hernandez@lacity.org

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