Urgent! Gorgeous shepherd needs out of shelter by Friday

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Urgent help is needed for a beautiful German shepherd who is at a Houston, Texas, animal shelter. The dog, named Uma, has until 1 p.m. on Friday, or she will be put down. Houston Animal Super Heroes writes:

7/7 UPDATE: Uma needs a hold by 1 PM on / or she will be euthanized at 2 PM. Please contact BARC & the page ASAP if you can save her!‍♂️

A prior post indicates that Uma is struggling in the shelter environment:

Uma is getting stressed in her shelter kennel and has been scheduled for euthanasia!

And the need for rescue:

RESCUE NEEDED This lovely girl was picked up as a stray on 6/9. Uma is a calm and sweet girl, but is getting a little stressed being stuck in a kennel for weeks. She would do much better in a foster home where she can relax and get all the cuddles she wants! Volunteers met Uma and took her outside, and she was super friendly towards all the humans and dogs she met! She’s such a good girl! Can you help her? She’s low heartworm positive, but has no other medical issues noted! She’s still young and deserves a chance!

Shelter Behavior Note: 6/16:

“When first moved into adoptions, Uma backed away from the door with her head lowered each time I approached. Stepped forward to eat treats throughout the day. Today she was whining and pawing at the door while I was walking the other dogs. Backed away at first but then walked out with a low swaying tail to the D runs. Appeared interested in the dog in the next yard, following him along the fence line with a swaying tail. When I returned she ran towards me with her mouth open, tongue out.”


UMA – ID# A1768026

This pet can only be tagged by a RESCUE group but please remember all rescues need in order to tag this dog and save their life. This pet cannot be fostered or adopted through the shelter. Can you be their hero? ‍♀️‍♂️
/ . All animals need a hold the same day they are on the list, as there is a . LOCAL FOSTERS NEEDED. Fostering is free! Shelter or rescue can provide what you need.
⌛️: Pets on euth list at BARC without a hold or tag by will be euthanized at . This means you must act with IMMEDIACY! TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. You must be PROACTIVE and communicate with the shelter and confirm a hold!
: Please follow directions. and you must also email the shelter with pet name and ID# in and copy us at houstonanimalshelterheroes@gmail.com Then with a phone call. Please DO NOT WAIT for the last minute!
: barcfoster@houstontx.gov
: BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov
☎️ CALL: Rescue office (832) 395-9075
Foster office: (832)-395-9076 or 832-395-9061
Back Entrance for pickup opens at 9:00AM:
2700 Evella Street, Houston, TX 77026

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Take ALL these dogs and deliver 20 EACH to Abbott, Cruz, Cornyn, and EVERY house representative since they believe there’s nothing wrong with the demon scum and their repeated TORTURE of pet’s there.


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