UPDATE: Zebras on the loose for months in Maryland suburb have been captured

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In Prince George County, Maryland, the last two zebras that had escaped from the farm where they live in the Washington D.C. suburb have been captured.

According to the New York Times, the zebras were on the lam since August 31 from the Upper Marlboro, Md. private farm, about 20 miles from Washington. It wasn’t known how they got loose, but they were part of a dazzle (or zeal) and arrived at the farm two weeks prior after having been purchased from an auction in Florida.

The two zebras had originally been three, but one was caught in an illegal snare trap on a nearby farm and died soon after from his injuries. In October, the county filed animal cruelty charges against owner, Jerry Holly after another zebra was found deceased inside of the farm’s fenced area.

According to the USNews and World Report, Holly faces charges of inflicting “unnecessary suffering or pain on a zebra” and failing to provide “nutritious food in sufficient quantity” or provide the herd with “proper shelter.” Holly’s attorney argues there is “no merit whatsoever to any of the charges pending against him.”

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