UPDATE: Video captured elderly dogs in Pembroke Pines dumped on side of road now have new lives

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In Pembroke Pines, Florida, a doorbell camera video captured a heartless driver stop near 119th and Taft opening the back door of his vehicle and leading a neglected German shepherd out of the backseat onto the street.

According to the rescue group, Pooches in Pines, another dog, a terribly neglected Jack Russell was also left confused and standing in the middle of the street.

“The video is clear,” Pembroke Pine Police Major Al Xiques told CbsMiami.“It shows a white male subject who was driving a four-door silver compact vehicle with some damage to the left front bumper.”

The German Shepherd named “Duke.” Duke is between 10-12 years old and weighed in at 113 pounds. Duke was found in severe pain from both skin and ear infections, intestinal parasites, and had been covered in mosquito, flea, and tick bites. When bathed to help soothe his itching, a pool of blood ran off his back.

The Jack Russell, now named “Pete” is a sweet guy, and is about 12 years old and weighs 17 pounds. Like his brother Duke, Pete came in with bad skin infections, a yeast infection in his ears, dry eye and a grade-four heart murmur. Pete has such bad teeth, he can only eat soft wet food. His nails had never been clipped and were curling under his paw pads making it difficult for him to walk.

Investigators are still looking for the man who dumped the dogs.

And the happy news as we fast forward to current news. The CbsNews report Duke and Pete have been adopted and now living the best lives they could ever imagine.

Live long and well Pete and Duke.

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