Update on husky rushed to emergency vet hospital after rescuers found her lying paralyzed in ditch

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In Cleveland, Texas, a woman taking her two young children to school Thursday morning, witnessed two men shooting a young dog in the head. The puppy seemed terrified and tried desperately to escape from her tormentors, but she was helpless against their strength and the gun they used to try and kill her. The woman was too scared for her own safety and the safety of her children to approach the men.

Hoping to find help, the woman posted a photo of the dog lying in a ditch to social media pleading for help. ThisIsHouston stepped up immediately, and rescuers arrived at the scene. The dog, dubbed Caroline, was rushed to Vergi 24/7 Emergency hospital for life saving treatment.

Check out her video as Caroline arrived at the emergency veterinarian’s hospital:


Caroline has arrived at Vergi 24/7. She’s obviously very critical and in poor shape. They are starting to stabilize her and will do bloodwork and x-rays. She currently has no use of her back legs. This could mean a bullet did spinal damage. We will wait to see what x-rays show.”


In a late afternoon update, Caroline suffered wounds that could be gunshot wounds that grazed her and a few that went straight through, but the information has not been confirmed. All of the wounds are from her chest on up.

Tragically, Caroline’s spinal cord may have been severed. She currently has no use of her back legs. It is suspected she may have been hit by car after she ran away from the men chasing her with a gun.

“Luck was on her side until it wasn’t; no bullets are lodged so she was lucky there, yet whatever her injury is with her spine has probably forever changed her life.”


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Caroline will be transferred to a surgeon. More updates to follow.

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