Update on ‘Chevelle’ after rescuers freed him from his heavy chain and starvation

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Rescuers never stop asking the question how some pet owners can watch their dogs suffer? One week ago, Beauties and Beasts, Inc. – a nonprofit rescue organization in Wichita, Kansas, were sickened at the condition a dog had been living.

The three-year-old dog had been tethered to a huge chain. The pup was so emaciated and dehydrated, he had to be rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital for life saving treatment. Initially his diagnosis revealed he suffered from a severe infection, is Heartworm positive and had shown injuries indicating signs of abuse and neglect.

Chevelle’s latest update indicates he continues to fight for his life. In some areas he has shown improvement as he faces serious challenges in others. His prognosis remains as “extremely guarded” and if he is able get past this point the road to his recovery will be a long one. While internally he is improving, the external infections have not been controlled yet and his veterinarians have noted the severity of the necrosis over the last ten days.

Because of the seriousness of his condition, the decision was made to transfer Chevelle to Colorado State University to be admitted under the care of the critical list team.

“The beauties team immediately prepared for medical transport and arrived to Kansas State University in Manhatten close to midnight. The girls drove through the night while closely monitoring his glucose levels and IV fluids. His favorite part of the trip was snuggling close to Jess and an early morning snack to ride him over too.”

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Chevelle has been examined by each department throughout the day in order to formulate the best medical plan moving forward while working to determine what is causing the continued infectious pockets ravaging his body before it’s too late. The expense for the extensive care Chevelle is receiving daily is in the thousands. The look of hope in his eyes is priceless, and we will do everything possible to help him win this fight. This sweet soulful boy wants to live; he is not giving up and neither are we.

You can follow his progress here.

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