Update: News is promising for skeletal little Dachshund dumped at shelter in rusted bucket

At the Boksburg SPCA in South Africa, the heartless owner of an old dog casually walked in on Tuesday and told the staff he no longer wanted his dog. The man placed down an old bucket and curled up inside of it was a pitiful, skeletal pup who could undoubtedly make anyone cry.

“There, soaked in car oil, lay a brown, skeletal figure of what looked like a dog,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page. “The owner claimed the animal had been sick of a long time. The little cross Dachshund lifted his head and looked up around him. His owner walked out after being told off by SPCA staff. When we pulled him out of the bucket and saw he could still walk, we knew there may be hope.”

And so the little dog was rushed to the organization’s emergency veterinarian where his prognosis seems promising. Meet Oliver:

“Oli tested negative for biliary, his heart has been checked and he’s been dewormed. He has a mild condition of “cherry eye” on each eye which can be rectified with a small surgical procedure, making the eyes as good as new. Oliver is still very anemic and has been set up on a drip for the night.”

Oliver was bathed four times this afternoon; the smell of oil was nauseating. After having been bathed, he was given a bowl of food which he devoured in just minutes. Now that’s a good sign!


This boy’s body is frail, and his spirit is broken; the staff wonders if Oli has ever felt love. Let’s hope he can find his joie de vivre again.

To donate to Oliver’s recovery and care:

ACC NO: 4046388139

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