UPDATE: Kabul Small Animal Rescue dogs and cats not as lucky as NOWZAD

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In a heartbreaking update from Kabul Small Animal Rescue, the rescued dogs could not be successfully evacuated. The Department of Defense made a policy decision and along with other organizations, people and animals have all been disappointed.

According to Monday’s email address from the rescue organization, the last ditch effort which included intervention with the Veteran Sheepdogs of America, prompted unforeseen hurdles still being investigated.

The end result this afternoon was to release all the dogs as the last United States planes prepared to leave. The dogs were not left in their cages.

“Charlotte [Maxwell-Jones] has chosen to remain in Kabul because she refused to give up one of the disabled rescue puppies in order to get on a flight. She is no longer at the airport.”

Kabul Small Animal Rescue

The staff is all reported to be safe, and it is planned renewed rescue efforts will commence on September 2.

The rescued cats had no airport clearance and are currently safe at NOWZAD. Efforts will be made to evacuate them as soon as possible.

Please thank the following organizations for their part in helping: Puppy Rescue Mission, War Paws, SPCAI, Humane Society International, H# Foundation, et al. Also, many thanks and appreciation to heroes of the NGOs, the United States government and the intelligence community who can not be named because of security issues.

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  1. Lisa Shinn says:

    Have never been ashamed to be an American until today. What was done to KSAR is beyond words. Where has our humanity gone if we can’t help the most helpless, the animals! SHAME ON US!


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