UPDATE: Hope dims for lost dog in Yellowstone National Park

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In Yellowstone National Park a golden doodle has been missing for nearly two weeks, and hope dims for her safe return.

The black goldendoodle, named Delta escaped from her owners while visiting the park. According to the dog’s owner, Mike Matsis and a Facebook group, PeteThomasOutdoors, Delta, had been sighted near Artists Paintpots which is located south of the Norris Geyser Basin. The dog did not responded to people calling her nor has she paid any attention to park rangers trying to capture her.

Rangers are all aware of the dog’s plight and continue to watch for her.

On a Sunday night post on Facebook, Matsis seemed less hopeful:

“Update for “Delta” the lost dog. We have not had any sightings for almost three days. All we can ask is that if any one has a “Delta” sightings please take a photo note the time, day, and location and tell a ranger or PM me. Do not chase or call just sight from the road. She will not come to people so please don’t scare her away. We think she might have moved to a different area or further into the meadow. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. We want Delta home safe.”
Dogs are not permitted off leash in the park. It is feared Delta could or has faced potential predators such as wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and bears.
We can only hope Delta finds her way home safely.

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