UPDATE: Emaciated pup found in Chicago suburb park unable to even stand

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On Sunday morning, an emaciated dog unable to walk or stand languished in fright and pain at a park in the Chicago suburb of South Holland. Border Tails Rescue immediately agreed to help.

Check out her video when she was first discovered:


Meet Ruth; she was found in Babe Ruth Park covered in wounds. The non-profit rescue transported her to their partner veterinary hospital where underwent life saving treatment. Radiograms reveal she had what appeared to be iron (or some other foreign substance) in her stomach and needed emergency surgery.

In Ruth’s stomach!

On Monday morning, Ruth underwent surgery; surgeons found a full chain and collar embedded in her stomach.

In Ruth’s stomach!

Check out her video on Tuesday morning. Although her wounds appear to be painful and still open, the staff at the veterinarian hospital are keeping them clean. She is currently still on IV, but look at that tail!

Feeling better after surgery


Once Ruth is well into her recovery, it will become a priority investigating the neglect and abuse this friendly dog has experienced.

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Follow Ruth’s recovery here.

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Dog poses for photo with ball in his mouth.

No problem for kitty who shares her breakfast with her dog friends.

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  1. Gen says:

    That is so sad , it makes me want to cry.The piece of vomit of a person that did this deserves the same. Make them eat the rest of the collar and leash. Lock his or her ass up in jail and toss the key .Poor dog was either desperate to get free or starving… Obviously both


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