Update: Dog who chewed off her back leg after being tied and couldn’t move recovering

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Bella the dog had a sad story to tell; hers had been one of survival, but the trauma she underwent still requires more emotional healing. It is hoped that a certain someone can put Bella’s bad memories behind her. The Saginaw County Animal Care and Control of Michigan is hoping to help Bella find her new path forward.

Bella was rescued in August when a mail carrier on his route had been stopped by a concerned citizen who spotted the suffering dog in a nearby backyard. When the mail carrier went to check, he found the one-year-old brown and white pittie mix tethered tightly and missing one of her legs. Her tether had been tied as not to permit any movement, and she was trapped. No food or water was found as Bella cried out in pain where she had been tied and left behind in a pile of dirt and debris.

Bella has continued her recovery, and it is likely that the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control has been one of the first places the dog has received love and finally feels safe, however the emotional consequences of her past experiences still present a challenge.

The shelter continues their search for a rescue that specializes in helping dogs overcome trauma. Once Bella is able to overcome the bad memories of her past, she will be ready for adoption and the chance to live a life where she is loved and respected.

Anyone know of a trauma organization equipped to help Bella overcome her demons? Please contact the shelter at 989.797.4500 or email:


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