UPDATE: Defeated pup with bloated belly to get a chance at life

At the Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahama, a stray puppy loaded with parasites needed help. The moment rescuers arrived, they were shocked by the puppy’s condition; his belly was so bloated he was not able to walk, and his breathing was labored.

Multiple veterinarian opinions and follow-up testing resulted in an  inconclusive diagnosis stating the puppy, named Yophiel, had an enlarged heart along with a heart murmur. In addition, he was anemic and his abdomen was full of fluid and blood.


He is just a puppy, and while he should have been playing and running around, sadly he has been undergoing treatment to help save his life.

Check out his video:


The puppy has run out of options at the veterinarian hospitals in the Bahamas, and arrangements had been made to bring him to the United States where he can get more advanced medical options to save his life. On Thursday evening, Yophiel left the Bahamas; a kind Good Samaritan stepped in to make sure this puppy could be rescued.

“My baby Yophiel was airlifted to the States yesterday, and even thou I miss him so much, now he can stand a chance to be treated properly by specialists to help him and cure him. He had a guardian angel that came all the way for him without asking nothing in return.. I love you, Lori, he thanks you.. I thank you!”
We will be watching for updates. Good luck little one.
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