UPDATE: Abandoned and terribly neglected dog found crying aloud in pain NOW an ‘unrecognizable cutie’

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Mateo’s first rescuers found him a month ago at a Houston area park and brought him to a veterinarian clinic where ThisIsHouston was called on to help. The Good Samaritans who found the senior pooch donated $200 toward his care. No one knows where he came from or what caused his injuries, although the egregious neglect he has lived through has been heartbreaking to everyone involved in this miraculous rescue endeavor.

At the time he was found, Mateo weighed barely 8.3 pounds. The matting covering his tiny body contributed to this weight, but beneath the tangles and the filth, his front paw had completely disintegrated; for months all he knew was pain. His leg had to be amputated, but dogs can get along fine on three legs.

For ten days, Mateo recovered at the veterinarian hospital and then went into foster care where he became one of the favorites. He enjoyed being carried around in a sling and soaked up the love.

On Sunday, Mateo began a new part of his journey; he started a two-week trial with a family who has already renamed him Banks. Although he still needs to go through a heartworm regimen, his new family seemed determined to keep him.

This is what you deserve Banks! Live long and be happy little guy.

Read Mateo’s rescue efforts here.

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