UPDATE: 14-year-old dog surrendered to shelter because he was ‘too old’ and senile finds love with a little help from friends

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Just two days ago, after 14-years of true canine loyalty, Shadow was surrendered to the East Valley Animal Shelter. He was turned in by his guardian, who when asked why he was surrendering his dog to the shelter, replied with, “He is too old” and senile. What made this person’s words even sadder is that Shadow had been with this man since he was a puppy; and this very friendly dog couldn’t figure out why he was where he was, or where his guardian had gone.

According to volunteers at the shelter, the family had purchased a new puppy. For all his life, Shadow had been the only dog and when the puppy came into the home, Shadow showed his dominance. Sadly, Shadow became dispensable.

Social media immediately went to work to help the loving senior who volunteers stated Shadow literally melted in their arms for love.

And then it happened… On Sunday, Shadow went to his new home.

Check out the video submitted by Joey Tuccio


Shadow has been adopted! And while another couple had also been interested in Shadow, that story worked out perfectly too.

Sherry Brewer: “I was in the lobby when a sub-human couple were dumping their 18-year-old dog… They told the employee that they had no time for him, and when we all heard the dog barking, the couple laughed and said that’s what he does now; he has become needy. They asked the employee if the shelter would put him down, and they were told that the vet would determine if their dog still had enough life in him. If so, he would be networked to try to find him another home. They asked if his favorite pillow could be put in his kennel. If anyone could have heard the noise in my head, they’d run for cover.”


In a day that brought both smiles and tears, Sherry was able to help with another senior adoption. Although she offered the opportunity to the family with the 18-year-old dog, financial assistance could be procured so they could take their dog to the vet to be put down so he wouldn’t be alone, they declined. Sadly, they went to another line however to obtain food from the Food Pantry to feed another dog they had.

On the positive side however, two couples walked in about the same time to adopt Shadow. Shadow had already left and Sherry asked if either one of the couples would be interested in adopting the 18-year-old dog who had just been surrendered. One couple opted to meet Milo and made the decision to adopt him. The other couple left their contact information to let them know when another senior needed help.

There are angels out there; we all know that. Check out Shadow’s freedom pictures.

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