Unusual looking kitty called ‘ugly’ and couldn’t get a break until a woman fell in love with her photo

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Francisca Franken had been browsing the website of a shelter when she came across the photo of an unusual looking cat who had been repeatedly ignored by everyone. “Bean” had been on the website for more than a month and at the shelter for nearly one year. No one even asked about her.

When Francisca inquired about the possibility of adopting Bean, the shelter told her that people thought the cat looked “grumpy” and “ugly” and had been passed by in favor of the prettier felines. The cat had been found roaming around a trailer park and when rescued had a raging eye infection, struvite stones and a beginning blockage related to her exotic shorthair breeding.

And so when Francisca went to the shelter to visit Bean for the first time, the rescue still couldn’t believe anyone would want to adopt the feisty kitty. Having no one to love her, just made the immediate attachment Francisca felt to Bean even greater.

The short legged, short tailed kitty with the ultimate flat face, quickly became the love of Francesca’s life. And that same day the two left the shelter together. Once in her new home, Bean fell sound asleep on the couch and that night spent her first night in bed together with her new human.

The two have adjusted well together, and Bean’s favorites – besides Francisca of course, are olives, pudding cup lids and nuts. Right now Bean isn’t wild about other cats, but that could be the result of living on the street and constantly having to fight to survive.

There is no way we ever could think Bean was ugly nor do we at Pet Rescue Report think any dog, cat, horse or any animal we come across are nothing less than beautiful, so please – if you’re in the market to adopt a new friend, check out the nearest animal shelter. We bet that perfect companion is just waiting for your hug,

If you want to read more about Bean, check out her Instagram account here.

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Check out Bean’s video:

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Such a sweet parrot!



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  1. Bean is a very beautiful kitty!!! She’s not ugly…… beauty is in the eyes of the beholder……. May they both have many years of companionship and happiness together???


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