U.S. military dogs and their handlers evacuated from Kabul

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Military dogs and their handlers from United States forces are being evacuated from Afghanistan. The dogs were spotted waiting on the runway of the Kabul airport as American planes took off bound for home.

According to the Associated Press, the city’s international airport had been closed to commercial flights after the Taliban captured most of the country in a matter of just days.


A tweet posted from AEROSINT Division PSF@PSFAER stated:

“Meanwhile US military dogs are being evacuated for #Kabul airport in #Afghanistan as many Afghanis that helped US/NATO forces and now face possible persecution by the #Taliban are forced to chase after US C-17s on the runway.”


The photo posted on Twitter showed a dog’s ears sitting in front of the plane. Messages posted on social media criticized the dogs having reserved seats with their handlers questioning whether the seats should have been used to evacuate more humans.

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