Two years after Yorkie escaped from backyard of pet sitter and picked up by someone, runs away again and is reunited with his family

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A tiny Yorkshire terrier named Louie has become an internet star; no kidding! Just a few weeks shy of a full two years missing from his family, Louie, from Oakdale, New York has been reunited with his favorite human – Tiana Vignola.

The video shows Louie being turned back to Tiana, and within a few seconds, Louie remembered his mom, and his tiny tail began to wag.

Louie’s dog sitter, a friend of Tiana’s, felt awful when the pint sized pooch escaped from the yard. A Facebook page, “Help Find Louie” contained photos and petitions to help keep Louie’s story out in the news and current.

And then it happened! Sal Ciaravino and his friend Matt found the friendly pup walking in the streets in the rain. The dog was wearing a collar, but contained no information, but he was so friendly, Sal decided to pick up the obviously lost dog and find some help.


With the advice and help from neighbors and friends, Sal brought the dog to Save A Pet, and when scanned, the pooch had a microchip leading him back to his owner.

Likely, when Louie ran away two years ago, another family had picked him up and never checked him for a microchip and decided to keep him. When Sal shared the video of the heartwarming reunion, Louie’s tale (tail) went viral.

“You’re home Louie.”

Voice in the video

And on the Facebook page devoted to finding Louie for nearly two years, came the happy ending:

“Hi everyone!! Today around 5pm….I got a text that an amazing person found my Louie!! 💖 They found him today in the rain. He must have escaped wherever he had been staying. Thankfully he is chipped!! In exactly 3 weeks it would have been 2 years since he’s been missing. Thank you everyone so very much for helping me look for him! And thanks News 12 for NEVER helping me! Don’t ever give up hope…You never know

Facebook page for Louie

Don’t ever give up hope. Miracles do happen.

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  1. I love a story with a happy ending!!! It shows that with an up to date Microchip, one can prove that this animal really does belong to “family a”???

    All of our pets are “snipped & chipped” when we adopt them (including our horses)!!! Every year on a specific date we check out our chip information and ensure it’s correct.

    Hopefully we don’t lose anyone, and we try super hard to enforce house rules (Ex.: no leaving ANY doors or sliders open (unless entering or leaving the house, then close them ASAP)…….

    Watch out for potential scooters & stop them before they can scoot outside……

    All critters must be on a short lead to leave our home, always under adult supervision……

    We are near a state park with lots of wildlife who view our furbabies as “free and easy snacks”!!!!!

    We are very excited for this family reunion!!!!! We wish this precious little treasure Louie many more years of happiness with his family?????????


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