Two puppies left inside of parked, black car – police rescued and left a note

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Two puppies were spared extreme suffering and death thanks to the police in Cincinnati. The puppies had been left inside of a black car that was parked in the Over the Rhine neighborhood on Saturday.

The Cincinnati Police Department posted an image of the rescued puppies, as well as the car they were saved from, writing:

Central Business Section officers called to a parking lot on Sycamore and 9th for two puppies left unattended in a hot car.
Know the owner? Ask them to call 352-3505

As reported by Fox 19 News, the pups were taken to Cincinnati Animal CARES, and they are doing well. The police left a note for the pups’ owner – letting them know that the puppies were saved and taken to a shelter for care.

A parking receipt on the car indicated that the puppies has been inside of the parked vehicle for nearly an hour by the time the police removed them.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Invoking biblical law “eye for an eye”, I pray God’s Hand of Justice finds THESE OWNERS swiftly and with NO mercy as they showed NONE to these puppies, with a reality check that serves to bring THEM to KNOW what it’s like to experience EXTREME HEAT EXHAUSTION/STROKE from being LOCKED inside a vehicle during the HOTTEST time of day. Live or die, that is of course up to You Heavenly Father.


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