Two Great Danes reunite with their human in heartwarming video that went viral with smiles

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In a TikTok video posted by an account called, a woman can be seen dancing with two Great Danes as they stand on their back legs in what appears to be a fun time for pups and person. Moments later, a man walks through the door and enters into the kitchen area where both huge dogs bound forward and leap again on their hind legs to give him a hug as if they were humans.

And there we all see a black and white pup and an all black pooch balance themselves on the man; neither dog able to contain their enthusiasm and of course, their love. Their tails are just non-stop.

The 15-second video was uploaded on July 15 and has the title “When dad gets home.” It has been watched more than 55 million times and chalked up 11 million “likes” with nearly 100,000 responses – most of the most endearing kind.

“All the people saying they would be terrified have never owned a giant breed. Giant dog – giant cuddles.”

TikTok user

For those who know little about the breed, Great Danes are known to be very loyal and very friendly. Just think Scooby Doo

The video can be seen here:

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