Trophy hunter bragged online she shot 60-year-old crocodile to make a purse

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A trophy hunter from Sarasota, Florida bragged on her social media page that she killed a 60-year-old crocodile to make a purse. Larysa Switlyk posted a photo of the 15 ft. reptile she killed on a hunting trip to Zambia.

“Excuse me while I shop for a new purse,” Switlyk posted on her social media page.

Many people have since called Switlyk an “animal abuser” and a “despicable woman.” The 33-year-old stated she shot the crocodile to save lives of local villagers, contending there are several hundred crocodile attacks on humans in Africa every year.

Animal rights group XPose Trophy Hunting snapped back telling Switlyk that killing an animal for fun and a purse is indefensibly cruel and selfish.

“Did she even stop to think that the crocodile had lived for at least five decades and played a vital role in controlling the young males? Now that area is probably much more dangerous for local communities.”

As her reason for killing the crocodile, Switlyk described women crossing the river and using the water to do domestic chores while children swim in bathe in the river. So there she was  – Switlyk to the rescue?

According to the Mirror, Switlyk began hunting in 2008 and has killed 116 different species including shooting a lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and cape buffalo. Now she invites women to take up hunting and sponsors trips to kill iguanas in Florida, elk, hyenas and birds.


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  1. Linda says:

    Larysa seems a very warm hearted person. She does not deserve the abuse she is receiving from the anti hunting fraternity. It never fails to surprise me that the animal lover are the one’s seeking the most vile retribution against any one who carries out a lawful activity they disapprove of. Talk about mob mentality and the abuse of such on social media. I wish Larysa all the best in her endeavours. Not all the world is so vile Larysa. Keep hunting and stay proud of what you do. If I had that crocodile it would become a beautiful crocodile coat


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