‘Toy dog’ puppy born without eyes caused by overbreeding needs special home

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In Nashville, Tennessee, a puppy referred to as a “toy dog” born completely blind, is an adorable cross between a miniature Schnauzer and Wheaten terrier. The puppy, named Teacup, because of his size came from a breeder in Georgia at four-weeks-old weighing less than one pound.

When Teacup arrived at the Big Fluffy Rescue Shelter she was unable to drink from a bottle because she had been lacking the suckle response. Nicole Butler, the adoption and foster coordinator for the rescue took over the tiny puppy’s care. For the first few months of her life, Teacup was fed wet puppy food mixed with goat’s milk through a syringe.

Teacup was bred to be very tiny – a popular size for their owners to carry them around in their purses. Tragically the puppies bred to be pampered and of course raking in huge profits often are born with birth defects – not only was Teacup born blind, but her bladder adhered to her uterus and the puppy struggles to keep herself warm because of her size.

“I loathe this because they are breeding for a tiny size that is not safe or viable and I kind of wish pain and suffering on Christmas to people who do this. When we did her spay recently, her bladder and her uterus were adhered and her internal organs are not precisely where they should be. This is ALL because of bad breeding practice,” the rescue posted on their social media page.

Now at 18 weeks, Teacup weighs 5.2 pounds  and isn’t expected to grow above eight pounds as an adult. She loves everyone and has no idea she is different from any other dog, but her needs are special and any potential adoption must not include any large dogs, no steps in the home and a fenced area for Teacup to play and be safe.

“Nicole will crawl over your application with the proverbial microscope because she has gone to incredible pains to save this dog. Be prepared. Teacup is in Nashville and can go anywhere we do. Applications can be found at bigfluffydogs.com and then adopt and the application. Then email nicole@bigfluffydogs.com. Be prepared to run the gauntlet with her.
Don’t stampede over people trying to get to Teacup.”

Donations to Teacup and the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue can be made at bigfluffydogs.com/donate

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