Tortured his entire life Zeus’ fate had been sealed at Texas shelter until help arrived

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Zeus was dumped at a rural Texas shelter after suffering from years of neglect and abuse. For his entire life, he had been ignored and without any words, the dog’s utter defeat now shows in his sad eyes. The shelter didn’t have much of a choice as to the Zeus’ destiny; the medical care he would need was not in the budget of the small rural animal shelter.

Zeus was brought into the shelter limping on his front leg, suffering from a severe skin condition and is emaciated. His nails are overgrown, and it’s almost as if this boy had given up. He obediently waited for his suffering to end.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified.

“The shelter reached out and asked for our help, hoping we could give Zeus the urgent medical care he needs and deserves,” the non-profit organization posted on their Facebook page early Monday morning. “We of course said YES. Zeus …your pain and suffering will end now; don’t worry help is on the way!”

Check out his video:

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To help:

Please help Zeus and donate to his medical care ..
UPDATES to follow.


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Such a sweet parrot!



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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Wonder if the demon spawned Nazi pukes, who did this, go to church? MANY animal torturers, child rapists and wife beaters operate under the “guise” of being a “good Christian”, when the reality is that they seek forgiveness from God, so they can get away with this EVIL ABUSE. They ACTUALLY believe that ALL they have to do is “just ASK” for it and it’s granted. Apparently, they STOPPED at that line in the bible and didn’t read further. Shall I tell them the bad news?


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