Toledo Zoo’s youngest elephant Lucas has died

In Toledo, Ohio, the zoo’s youngest elephant – nine-year-old Lucas has died. President and CEO Jeff Sailer posted a video on the Toledo Zoo’s Facebook on Wednesday afternoon explaining the death of the much loved elephant.

Lucas suffered from elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV) which is often fatal to young elephants. Symptoms first were noted on April 7, and Lucas’ caretakers began treatment immediately. Zoo veterinarians and elephant experts used medication and plasma to save Lucas; sadly the elephant succumbed to the virus.

Sailer’s statement included hoping that the loss of Lucas will contribute to the understanding of the virus which has previously only caused symptoms in Asian elephants before affecting African elephants in more recent times.

Lucas was born in 2011 at the zoo and captured the world’s attention because captive births of African elephants are rare. Lucas’ brother is at a zoo in Omaha. His mother, Renee, still lives at the Toledo Zoo.

Rest in peace Lucas. You will be missed.

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