Tiny dog ‘Minnie Pearl’ missing for 200 days reunited with her family

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After a two-year-old Shih Tzu managed to escape from her yard at a Wake Forest, North Carolina home in October 2020 her family never stopped searching for her. On Thursday, the pooch named “Minnie Pearl” – named after the county singer, was reunited with her family.

The family had posted notices all over their neighborhood, notified nearby shelters and rescue organization and even hired a canine tracker to find their precious canine. Sadly, there were no clues, and the tracker dog lost Minnie’s scent in less than a mile, indicating someone had likely picked the dog up and left.

In another lesson to all of us reminding us to never give up hope, the dog’s owner, Bethany Tyree received a cellphone call that Minnie Pearl had been found more than two hours away from her home. According to Bethany’s social media page, the woman who found her noticed the dog in the center of a four-lane highway.

The Good Samaritan, who is an animal lover, stopped and picked up the neglected looking, matted little pup and brought her home to give her food and water. The next day, she took Minnie Pearl to the vet to have her scanned – yes indeed, a microchip reunited the dog with her family.

“Since everyone is so invested I don’t want to leave you hanging. We have her. Without a doubt it’s our girl. She was so excited when she heard our voices and tried to get all over Ella!
She is in pretty rough shape. Worse than we thought but praying it’s Mostly cosmetic & the funk of being outside & not cared for. It definitely hurt our heart in an unexpected way when we saw her. We’re going straight to the vet to determine if she needs to be hospitalized,” Bethany posted on her Facebook page.
Minnie was taken to the family’s veterinarian where she spent the night. Her coat was all matted, she was itchy and her nails were turned under from a lack of care, but this was one lucky little pooch. It’s too bad, Minnie can’t tell her story, but she is wagging her tail, eating her favorite treats of green beans and receiving lots of love.
Many thanks to Minnie’s hero and the angels who surely must have watched over her.
We end this happy story with a message from Minnie’s family.
“Get your pets chipped! Make sure they have a collar with all your up-to-date info! We are still in shock that this story ended in this way. More to come! Thank you for all the love.”
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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Glad that this precious little treasure is reunited with her family!!!

    “Chipping and snipping” should be part of each companion animal adoption…….


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