TikTok video of man rescuing dog from train tracks in the nick of time fake

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A TikTok video showing a man rescuing a dog tied to the train tracks in the nick of time as the train barrels down the tracks with the whistle blowing seconds before it hits both of them has been removed and deemed fake.

The video that had been posted days ago posted by @random_crap69 was viewed by millions of subscribers in just hours. Most people were convinced the video was real and lauded the man who so bravely ran out onto the tracks to untie the dog; calling him a hero and a “legend.”

“What kind of a person leaves a dog tied to a train track!”


And how did all that drama come out to be labeled as a fake video? Experts have cited several hints. According to Snopes, they noted the man running towards the dog to untie him when there was no train coming, and then recording a separate moment with only the train coming down the tracks. The clips could have then be combined to look as if they occurred at the same time.

In their factfinding efforts, there were no local news stories covering the incident, no details on who the men were, where the video was recorded and what happened to the dog after the alleged rescue.

In addition, the digital editing process tells its own story. After the man pulls the dog to safety, he falls on the ground to rest with the dog as the train passes. At this moment the train cast a shadow on the man and the dog, however the shadow remains visible under the man’s head, even though he is in the shade.

Multiple blurs were seen – one on the tracks as the train enters the shadow of an offscreen tree, and another when the front of the train reaches the same space in the frame as the man and the dog.

The video has since been removed by TikTok for violating the community guidelines concerning dangerous acts.

On Reddit, commenters also stated the video was fake and was partially removed by moderators.

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