Three-year-old girl battling brain cancer receives visit from a magical ‘unicorn’

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A three-year-old little girl, bravely fighting brain cancer, got her wish this week – and that was to meet a “unicorn” and feed the magical animal carrots.

According to FoxNews, the adorable little girl, Abigail Leggio, from Tennessee was able to meet two “unicorns” and photographer Sarah Lawrence of Little Tot’s Photography captured the magical moments.

I have said many times that once I have photographed your family- you become a part of my family. It’s true. Ask my kids. I know most everybody in Murfreesboro and I know and love ALL the kids. I was lucky enough to get to be a small part of this baby’s wish and it got published! Say a prayer for this sweet family ❤️ I hate the reason we got to meet but I am happy she got her wish!

It was the Make-A-Wish Foundation Middle Tennessee team who arranged the meeting. Abigail’s mom, Melissa and her husband Jason worked on the project to make their daughter’s dream come true. Abigail was able to ride in a carriage, feed the unicorns, pet them and have her photograph taken. And as an even more special gift, Abigail was gifted the special princess outfit.

On July 18th, 2020 my world was turned upside down when we found out that Abigail had a brain tumor. I was in so much shock that my daughter had cancer and that we could lose her. She went through 6 months of chemo and a 10 hour brain surgery. She was so strong through it all and we are so proud of her. Today she had her 12th radiation treatment out of 30 and again she is being such a warrior through it all. Please continue to pray that the little bit of cancer she has will be gone and will never come back!

Melissa Leggio Facebook

We hope everyone will say a prayer for Abigail’s full recovery.

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