Three rescued fox babies have important story to share

At the Saco River Wildlife Center in Limington, Maine, three rescued fox babies have an important story to share, and can only hope we can all learn from this and avoid situations like this in the future.

The landowners where these babies lived has always encouraged foxes on their property. They loved watching them play and were great at rodent control. Just recently, however the landowner noticed that one of the foxes on his property had mange and had also been hanging around humans too much.

The landowners had hoped to find some veterinarian help for the fox. Sadly, the person the property owners called trapped and killed the fox.

“This is NOT what the landowner wanted, and they were not happy with the outcome. A week later, the owners heard some baby foxes crying. It was their momma who was killed, and the landowners did not know she had babies.”

Fortunately, this time they called the Maine Wardens Service and were directed to Saco River Wildlife Center. The babies are now comfortable and receiving the care they need.

And now for a few caveats to help protect our wildlife.

“Make sure you communicate clearly what you are looking for and understand in detail what the person you are hiring intends to do. Also make sure you are hiring a professional. If a rehabber had trapped that momma fox, they would have seen that she was lactating and known to look for babies.
If you are looking for help for sick or injured wildlife, call a local rehabber directly. You should be able to get some recommendations from your state’s wildlife department. If you are looking for help with a nuisance situation, we still recommend contacting your local rehabber and asking for recommendations. Do not base your decisions on advertisements claiming to be humane. “Humane” can mean anything.”
Recommended help:
Animal Damage Control (ADC) Agents familiar to the rescue organization:
K&K ADC: 207-720-0074
Critter Guy ADC: 207-296-2626
Bump In The Night Wildlife Services LLC: 603-793-8677 (for Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts)
Many thanks to the landowners who helped to save these three special lives. We just need more people like this in our world. Don’t you agree?


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