Three-month-old puppy shot in her back discovered by homeowner hiding in flower bed

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In Sanford, North Carolina, a homeowner discovered a three-month-old puppy suffering from two gunshot wounds in her back and shoulder last week in his garden. The injured puppy was partially paralyzed – a bullet had been lodged in her spinal cord.

According to Jack’s Furrytail Rescue, who is now caring for the puppy named Gracey, the Good Samaritan brought the puppy to the Lee County Animal Shelter late last week where she was then transferred to the Carolina Veterinary Hospital for immediate surgery. According to the puppy’s veterinarian staff, it is believed the shepherd mix puppy could have been left suffering for a week before having been discovered. Most likely, Gracey dragged herself to the garden to hide.

Although it is doubtful that Gracey will ever be able to use her hind legs again and will have to wear a diaper, she continues to wag her tail and remains in great spirits enjoying doling out puppy kisses to anyone showing her attention. A doggy wheelchair shows Gracey maneuvering around the veterinarian hospital quite well.

Gracey will be staying with Jack’s Furrytail Rescue, who has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for shooting the puppy. She will be available for adoption once her condition is stable; a patient and loving home would give Gracey the perfect place to enjoy her life.

Fortunately, Gracey’s surgery has been paid for, but donations are needed to meet present and future veterinarian needs.

Check out Gracey’s video:

Check out Gracey with her wheels:

Update: rescue by Jack’s Furrytail Rescues

URGENT: Medical Rescue Funds Needed Now

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