Three dogs dumped on California freeway: One dog died, one dog safe and one dog struck hard with critical injuries

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On a Southern California freeway, three innocents dogs were dumped on Wednesday and fled all different ways in fright. One dog was safely captured and is safe. Another dog sadly was killed by a speeding vehicle, and one little pup cowered along the median wall, but her injuries from being struck by a car were critical.

When Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue volunteer Jim Ralston arrived after a Good Samaritan called for help, he carefully scooped her up. Her later diagnosis would reveal she suffered a broken jaw and two hip fractures. In addition, she had been covered in fleas and ticks before she was ever abandoned on the highway. The puppy was rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital where pins surgically secured her broken jaw and hips.

On Thursday evening, the puppy’s condition was updated by the rescue organization:

“…Tonight she drank goats milk Marissa W*** got for her. So with all that pain from head to toe she still drank. I call that a miracle. I call her a survivor. Miracle, Angel. I’m just so happy she has a chance now.”

Faith Easdale
Puppy Bailey

The puppy has been named Bailey.

Updates to follow.

Fundraiser to help with the expensive veterinarian surgical care for the puppy.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    It’s absolutely heartbreaking about the unnecessary death of the chihuahua on the freeway. At least the other two dogs will have a chance to recover and be rehomed.

    I can’t believe how cruel individuals can be to innocent animals. Would it have been that difficult to have taken these 3 animals to a shelter or rescue directly? How does someone who does this cruel action look in the mirror and like what is looking back at them?

    In any case, they have earned themselves a reserved spot in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for their cruelty…….

    Precious little treasure killed on the freeway, I can’t even begin to understand how frightened you must have been or the horrible pain you suffered after being hit by a speeding car…….. I know that you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.


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