The sweetest outcome as abandoned park pups get makeover

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At a public park near Sherman Oaks, California, two terribly matted dogs were dumped early Thursday morning in the parking lot. Based upon their condition, it was quite apparent the two had been neglected for a very long time. Filthy and in pain, rescuers were able to gain their trust enough to gather them up and place them in the car where they were immediately taken to the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation.

Named Bobbie and Marley, the two spent the night at the emergency veterinarian hospital where they were bathed and shaved in order to remove their matted fur, fleas and ticks. They also were administered fluids and food, and today they are completely different dogs.

Yesterday, Bobbie and Marley were fearful, and today they trust their rescuers.

The dogs are not bonded and are hoping someone will soon foster them. Both dogs certainly prefer humans to other dogs.

If interested in fostering, please click here.

If interested in donating, please click here.

Read their story when they were first found at the park here.

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