Terrified pittie dog can’t trust until she’s given a chance and her fairy tale comes true

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Once upon a time, a pit bull/ Dalmatian mixed breed puppy sporting a unique black and white coat had two litters of puppies before she was even one-year-old. When she was rescued from the puppy mill where she had spent all of her time in a cage and was no longer able to be bred, one would have thought this young pooch would have been safe, but sadly that was not to be her immediate future.

Instead the dog dubbed Valentine went to hoarders where dozens of dogs were kept in cages and when they were free to wander about, all they could think about was finding food to eat in order to survive.

“Pit bulls are some of the most understood dogs, and they are often passed from dog rescue to dog shelter and sometimes even rescued by the wrong person that then uses them to breed pit bulls. A dog like Valentine that looks like a Pit Bull Dalmatian could be used again and again to make puppies but her life would be horrible. That’s why it is so important to rescue, foster and volunteer at your local dog shelter.”

Rocky Kanaka

Once removed from the hoarding situation, Valentine was finally rescued, and this time “really rescued” by Ashley and her fiancé, but the first day when they brought Valentine home, it was as if she didn’t like them. She was scared to enter through the front door and seemed to want to stay in the foyer. Fortunately, Valentine was a food motivated pooch, and treats were slowly able to lure her into her new bed giving her the chance to unwind. That along with soothing words from Ashley and continuously being praised to help her feel love, she relaxed – perhaps for the first time in her short life.

Maybe it was the comfortable bed, maybe it was the tasty food or maybe the affection shown to her by Ashley, but the next morning it was as if Valentine turned on a switch, flipped over in her bed to receive a belly rub, and decided “I’m home.”

From there, Valentine has been experiencing life, and every new adventure is savored to the fullest by her new family. And best of all – Valentine’s favorite pastime – besides eating that is – is being cuddled and falling asleep on her new humans.

“I think you will LOVE this vid! Seeing Valentine go through so much breaks my heart. I have fostered hoarding case dogs and feral dogs and know first hand the amount of patience and love it takes. That’s why I knew I had to share Ashley and Valentines story!”

Rocky Kanaka

Thank you Ashley for giving her a home. Follow them here: https://www.instagram.com/valentineth…

You really need to watch the video to capture the best of rescue.

Rocky Kanaka

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    May God bless these two a thousand fold for being the pet parents GOD INTENDED us ALL to BE. This ONE video just made the several thousand dollars I’ve donated to various rescues, shelters and individuals over the past couple of years worth every penny.


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