Terrified dog collapsed and died during firework show

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A family in Hemlington, North Yorkshire, is mourning the loss of their senior dog, Dexter, who collapsed and died inside of their home during a fireworks show earlier this month. As reported by Yahoo News, the tragic incident took place on November 5, when fireworks were being set off during Bonfire Night.

Dexter, a 10-year-old Staffie mix, was so frightened by the loud booms that he ran to a bathroom in Judith and Malcolm Watson’s home. The couple found their pet collapsed on the floor. Judith said, “I thought he was just in there trembling at first but he was laid flat out on the floor,” adding, “Then I realized he had gone.” Dexter’s owners tried to perform CPR on their pet, but he could not be saved.

Dexter’s owners say that their pet was still full of life, “happy and energetic,” before the firework booms stole his life. Judith said, “He still had a lot of life left, it’s so unfair and so senseless.”

(screenshot of Dexter via Yahoo)

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