Teen who tortured puppy on video pleads guilty

A Riverside, California, teen has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of animal crushing after fatally torturing his puppy, Canelo, earlier this year. According to multiple sources, 19-year-old Angel Ramos-Corrales slit the puppy’s neck, causing extensive bleeding, and brutally beat the pup, breaking his ribs and fracturing his skull.

Ramos-Corrales then videotaped himself kicking the still alive, but suffering puppy, who was lying on his bathroom floor. He recorded himself saying “I’m cold-hearted.” The grim torture and abuse was posted to Instagram and SnapChat.

The authorities arrived to Ramos’ residence on the day that the pup was tortured – officers found the puppy suffering from severe injuries on a bloody bed. The teen’s roommate had locked himself in a bedroom after seeing the injured puppy and blood in the home.

Animal services officers responded to the home and had to humanely euthanize the horribly injured puppy. Ramos was arrested by the FBI and the Riverside Police Department – he is scheduled for sentencing on August 16 and could face up to seven years in federal prison, reports KTLA News.


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