Teen who killed Chihuahua puppy in animal crushing video sentenced to two years in federal prison

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A Riverside, California, teen will spend the next two years in federal prison after pleading guilty to animal crushing and fatally torturing and killing a Chihuahua puppy. Angel Ramos-Corrales slit the puppy’s throat causing extensive bleeding after having broken the defenseless pup’s ribs and skull.

Ramos-Corrales videotaped himself kicking the still alive, but suffering puppy, who was lying on his bathroom floor. He recorded himself saying “I’m cold-hearted.” The grim torture and abuse was posted to Instagram and SnapChat.

According to the LA Times, the tragic assault occurred on February 13 in Riverside’s Eastside neighborhood, the video prompted multiple complaints to authorities who arrived at the residence and found Ramos-Corrales covered in blood and discovered the injured puppy lying on a bed. He said the dog had been “moody” with him after defecating in his cage, and that the dog nipped him, causing him to lose control.

The puppy was rushed to the Western Riverside County Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley where the veterinary staff decided to humanely euthanize the dog because of the extent of his injuries.

Ramos-Corrales had purchased the puppy named Canelo through an advertisement on Craigslist.

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  1. The previous story said he could be put in jail for up to 7 years. Why only 2? And calling a 19 year old a teen is misleading. He is an adult and should suffer adult consequences. Two years will do nothing to stop this POS for doing something like this again, next time it may be a human!


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