Tearful reunion for dog found after Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida, which hit Louisiana as a formidable Category 4 storm, left a large swatch of damage it her wake. But amidst the destruction are stories of heartwarming rescue in the hurricane’s aftermath. One such story came out of the Louisiana SPCA on Saturday. The animal welfare agency explains that a dog named Apollo was discovered after the storm by a “very kind stranger.”

The kindhearted stranger brought Apollo to the shelter with the hope that the dog’s rightful owner would come forward. The shelter staff knew that someone out there had to be missing the sweet, albeit sad dog. They write:

 Once in our care we knew that he not only had a family, but he was missing them. He was shy, sad, and seemed a little lonely.

Good fortune awaited the bereft dog – his owner called the shelter and shortly thereafter, a reunion took place. The shelter said,

“The second he saw his owner Apollo’s tail started wagging and he started crying, and we can’t say that we didn’t cry too. We are so honored to be a part of family reunions like this.”

The shelter reminded area residents that they can still take action to get lost pets home. The shelter staff said:

If you’ve lost your pet during or after Hurricane Ida, we urge you to fill out a lost report with us at www.louisianaspca.org/lostreport and view the stray animals that have come into our care at www.louisianaspca.org/strays 

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