Super hero needed to save Asher whose life is soon to be snuffed out

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Asher could likely die today and has been added to the euthanasia list at the Houston, Texas BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions. On Thursday, the shelter agreed to extend his life for another day as the dog’s behavior has improved.

Asher was an owner surrender on March 7, 2021. It isn’t clear if he was actually owned or if someone had held him longer that three days, and so he is listed as such. The staff states he came in very scared, and was unsure of humans at the time, although his hesitancy and fear have shown significant improvement.

“He responds well to baby talk and is treat motivated. He needs some TLC – medicated baths to treat his skin and a better diet. Luckily, his skin issues are not contagious… He needs a patient foster willing to earn his trust and love. He will be stunning once he’s completely healthy,” a volunteer wrote on social media.

At Asher’s arrival, he would not walk on a leash and his tail would ‘flutter’ between his legs. When the volunteer went to pet him, he pancaked. He was then muzzled and carried the rest of the way to his new kennel.

Two days later, however, Asher greeted the volunteer at the kennel door – his tail happily wagging and able to take a walk on his leash.

Please be advised, Asher is “rescue only,” which means he cannot be adopted or fostered through the shelter. Instead a rescue tag is need which means he can only leave the shelter with an approved rescue group.

Share Asher’s plight with approved rescue organizations and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

For additional information for:

Asher– ID# A1747395
Owner surrender/Male GSD mix/4Y/56lbs/Low HW+
 CALL: Rescue office (832) 395-9075
Foster office: (832)-385-9076 or (832)-395-9031
Back Entrance for pickup opens at 9:00AM:
2700 Evella Street, Houston, TX 77026

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