Suffering 10-week-old puppy left on road all night, but help came this morning

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When someone messaged the non-profit animal rescue group ThisIsHouston on Saturday morning, volunteers raced to the rescue of a 10-week-old abandoned puppy.

“This little girl was baking on the pavement this morning; someone messaged our page asking for help and she had apparently been there since last night. Nobody was willing to at least pull her out of the road, so she just laid there unable to move like a sitting duck…

She was twitching and crying out as we arrived at the vet hospital…we talked to her the whole car ride and let her know were there for her.”

Rescuers weren’t even sure when they arrived if the puppy was still alive; that is until she let out a little moan when picked up. The puppy, now dubbed Maggie was rushed to Vergi 24/7.

Once at the veterinarian hospital, she was administered an IV catheter with dextrose. She is severely dehydrated,  emaciated and has a secondary skin infection. Her tiny face is crusty and cracked; she will need a feeding tube for nourishment. Maggie will undergo additional tests with bloodwork and x-rays.

The good news is she is parvovirus negative. Her prognosis is guarded, and everyone is hoping for the best. Everyone can however be assured Maggie is receiving the best care possible.

Check out her video:

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To help:

Venmo @ThisIsHouston

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Such a sweet parrot!



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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Another innocent baby subjected to yet another DEMON spawned vile thug. If this condition wasn’t bad enough, NO ONE bothered to move her out of the road until help could arrive. To YOU who ignored her: GOD SEES ALL and UNLIKE YOU, FORGETS NOTHING! PERIOD! Like many others, you probably stopped reading where it said if you ask God for forgiveness, it will be granted; you REALLY ought to keep reading. LMAO! YOUR reincarnation WILL render YOU helpless and completely dependent on HEARTLESS PUKES just LIKE YOU, for help and NONE will come.


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