Stray pup in Brazil wanders into vet clinic for help where doctor finds cancerous growth

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In the city of Juazeiro de Norte in Brazil, veterinarians at the Vet VIP clinic were quite surprised when a stray dog slowly nosed his way through the front door. The emaciated, black pup had been limping and quietly sat down near the front desk as if waiting for his turn to see the doctor.

Veterinarians decided to bring the shy pup into the examining room to check out his limp and found an ingrown nail to have been causing the problem. As the general examination continued however, the veterinarian felt a tumor on the dog’s groin which turned out to be a malignant growth.

The clinic assumed responsibility for the stray and administered the dog’s chemotherapy.

“He no longer has any bleeding and shows no signs of being in pain. He reacted well to the first chemotherapy session and we will evaluate each new procedure to find out how many he will need.”

Dayse Silva DMD as told to Brazilian online portal G1

Although the total cost of the dog’s chemo amounted to more than $7,000, the group went online and asked social media animal lovers to help out with the expenses – the entire amount was raised in one day!

There have been dozens of inquiries into adopting the dog, and we are sure when he is ready, this sweet guy will be loved and cared for the rest of his life.

(Photos screenshots via video Dayse Ferreira)

Check out the video:

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