Starving ducks recuperating after someone zip-tied their bills

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Five starving ducks are on the mend after someone cruelly zip-tied their bills and necks, leaving them unable to eat. Days ago, a team of rescuers found the ducks and captured them so the zip-ties could be removed.

On October 22, WildCareOklahoma posted images of the ducks, and recounted the cruel situation:

Yesterday, WildCare staff led a team of caring members of the public and an Oklahoma Animal Welfare officer to rescue five ducks with zip ties around their necks and beaks, which were transported to WildCare for medical treatment and rehabilitative care. All of the ducks were dehydrated and emaciated likely due to the interference of the zip ties. One had a broken femur, spinal trauma, and two BB gun pellets lodged in it.

The organization was made aware of the situation on Tuesday – a member of the public let them know that they had been trying to capture the ducks near a lake in Oklahoma City. The woman had been trying to get help from city and state officials, but she was not having any luck. Though WildCare doesn’t typically go out to do rescues, they made an exception in this case.

The organization said:

Because waterbird rescues are notoriously difficult under the best of circumstances and the grave situation facing these ducks, a staff team was authorized to attempt a rescue. Initially, the ducks evaded capture by getting onto the water. Laura Biddick and Tim Burkey, the WildCare staff leading the rescue effort resolved to return with more staff power to get the ducks the help they desperately needed.With local media coverage on Tuesday, members of the public stepped forward to help, and on Thursday morning, WildCare staff organized a rescue and returned with volunteers from the public and an Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Officer. They successfully caught all of the ducks.

Rescued duck

Fortunately, all of the ducks are expected to recover. You can follow their rescuers on Facebook at this link.

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