Smiling shepherd longs for attention, but he is scheduled to be killed on Saturday

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On May 26, a senior German shepherd, dubbed Diego, was picked up as a stray and taken to the BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas. The handsome boy shows signs of neglect, but he was wearing an old collar, indicating that he did have a home. Sadly, Diego is longing for attention and love, but his days are numbered.

According to Houston Underdogs, Diego has been slated for euthanasia on Saturday, June 12. The agency writes:

Diego came in as a stray on 5-26. He’s shockingly HW- and came in with an old collar, so someone may be missing him! Please share, in case his his family is looking for him. He’s a handsome boy, but does have hair loss on his mid & lower back. The skin scrape was negative, so it’s from being on the street or fleas (which he’s been treated for) and it’s not contagious. He has good notes with both staff and dogs he was calm and wiggly with the dog he met (video above) but he’s getting stressed in the kennel.

Initial shelter notes on May 31 reveal Diego’s affectionate nature:

Diego greets me at the kennel door with his mouth open, tongue out, soft swaying tail. Walked to the outside runs with a light step and wagging tail. When I returned to leash him he displayed a light bounce at my feet. Leaned into my legs and sat at my feet as I removed the old rope tied to his collar.

Fast forward to June 9, and Diego’s behavior shows signs of deterioration. The stress of being locked up in a kennel run is taking a toll:

Barking and whining in his kennel this AM. During the entire cleaning time he was pushing against the swinging doors to get into the inside kennel. When I finally switched him over from his outside to his inside kennel he jumped on me and wouldn’t stop until I left his kennel. Also had dilated pupils and was panting with his tongue hanging out. He remained barking on and off for the remainder of the morning so I covered his kennel and gave him some popsicles to keep him occupied for a bit. Put him on adopt eval to further monitor his behavior since it seemed like more than just GSD behavior.

Diego is nearly out of time. Is there anyone out there to save this senior dog’s life? Information to save him is provided below.

Diego- ID# A1765140
Stray/Male/GSD mix/10Y/68lbs/HW negative
Pets on euth list at BARC without a hold or tag by 12 PM will be euthanized anytime after 1 PM. This means after 12 PM you must act with IMMEDIACY! TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. You must be PROACTIVE and communicate with the shelter and confirm a hold!
: Please follow directions. and you must also email the shelter with pet name and ID# in and copy us at Then with a phone call. Please DO NOT WAIT for the last minute!
☎️ CALL: Rescue office (832) 395-9075
Foster office: (832)-395-9076 or 832-395-9061
Back Entrance for pickup opens at 9:00AM:
2700 Evella Street, Houston, TX 77026

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I hope someone local can open their heart and home for this precious treasure. He seems like he would be a wonderful companion.

    This precious treasure has had a very tough life and he deserves a loving furever family where he will be treated as a beloved family member and treasured…….


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