Short-sighted ‘keyboard warriors’ attack sanctuary that has given dog care for more than 865 days

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Misguided keyboard warriors have targeted a sanctuary that has been caring for a homeless dog for more than 865 days. On Tuesday, Nieko’s story was shared on the Pet Rescue Report after the Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary created a social media post about the excessive amount of time that he has been living without a family of his own.

The sanctuary wrote about their loss of hope that he will ever find a family of his own. The post (since deleted from the sanctuary’s page) read in part:

We have given up hope that he will ever find a family. He spends his days and nights mostly alone. He lives in our garage by himself. He has ample yard time and a lot of time to run and play.

Their loss of hope was not what triggered people – it was their statement that Nieko spends his nights in a garage. On Wednesday, the sanctuary offered more details about the “garage” that Nieko is in at night, and explained why he is there:

Nieko is not being neglected and he is not suffering. Nieko is getting the love and care that he has deserved for his entire life, but the sanctuary wants more for him. They want him to have a family of his own, and given the length of time that has passed (more than 865 days!!) they are losing hope that adoption will ever be in Nieko’s future.

Why is this dog not being adopted? He has health issues, and he has bite history (a veterinary tech was bitten during a painful exam). He is dog selective and not good with small animals (typical of most German shepherds). Does this mean it’s impossible? No, but it does make adoption difficult.

Nieko was rescued from a neglectful situation years ago – today he is healthy and happy, but lacking a family. If Nieko went to an animal control agency all those years ago, he would more than likely be dead by now, because open-intake animal control facilities can’t hold onto hard-to-place dogs for any length of time. When space becomes an issue, dogs are euthanized, especially if they are difficult to place because of “issues.”

So to every keyboard warrior who has not taken on a hard-to-place, homeless dog with health issues and bite history – take a step back. Until you have walked a day in a rescuer’s shoes, you have no idea what they are going through, or how hard they are working to keep the animals in their care happy and healthy. Erin Regan Sanctuary assured their followers that they are doing their best to give the animals in their care the very best that they can:

If you love animals and want to be angry – direct that anger where it needs to go. Direct it to the people who chain their dogs outside and let them suffer in the elements. Direct the anger to the violent individuals who kick, throw, and beat their pets. Direct that anger to the people who intentionally starve their pets. Do not direct your anger at the people who have sacrificed their own lives to care for others.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I deeply believe that everyone voicing their comments are doing it from a place of LOVE.
    People who love animals want them all to live happily ever after, and rescue organizations are breaking their backs and hearts to try to make that happen-often with limited appreciation.

    All are acting with deep emotion–again, from a place of love!

    Please let’s take time to express thanks to all the rescue miracle workers and to all who deeply love animals. We are all on the same team, and the animals need us to be!

    Love and thanks to ALL!

  2. Renee says:

    I have the pleasure to have adopted an Erin Regan Sanctuary dog, she was a foster we decided to keep, she started having seizures and 2 emergency vets later we found out she had viral meningitis. If it wasn’t for their offer of assistance we would have had to put her down but they are in the business of keeping dogs alive and one year later our Mavis is seizure free and living her best life and I can’t thank Tracy Jeff and the sanctuary enough for helping our beautiful little girl first by rescuing her and second for keeping her alive! Tracy Recently visited Mavis and if you think dogs are dumb you are wrong! Mavis jumped right up on her lap and covered her face in kisses!

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    This dog is very challenging to place: health issues, bite issues, not generally good with other dogs.

    He has been waiting to be rehomed for ~3 years. He deserves to be in a loving family.

    & he is alive and he’s absolutely got hope (dead @ the county shelter is “game over”)……..

    I know that my family would never work. We tried to introduce our friends’ “sweet, elderly” German Shepherd to everyone resulting in a complete disaster…….

    I hope there is someone local who can open their heart and home for this precious treasure.


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