Shoplifting pup makes ‘Wall of Shame’ at Denver convenience store

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At a Denver convenience store, an embarrassing “Wall of Shame” is prominently displayed showing photographs of shoplifters. Nearly all of the photos of the sticky fingered offenders are humans, but wait – is that a dog’s photo we see almost smack dab in the middle of the collection?

According to WfxbNews, below the fluffy black and white pup’s adorable photo caught by the store’s surveillance camera, is the caption:

“Beef Jerky Thief”

Photo r/funny 392859337039a

Of course, the photo went viral on Reddit; after all under the photo and the dog’s alleged crime was “Good Dog.”

As to the pooch, it seems as if he just had an urge to chomp on a Slim Jim and cleverly grabbed the jerky – obviously without paying for it. He didn’t make it out the door, and the store owner laughed it off, but the dog still made the “Wall of Shame.”

All has been forgiven, and when the dog’s owner comes in, his kleptomaniac pooch is allowed to be with him, and the dog still wanders over to pilfer a Slim Jim, but who can stay angry at that sweetie?

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