Shelter seeks home for elderly ‘grannies,’ who were left alone when their owner passed away

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An animal shelter in northern California is hoping to find a loving home from two elderly dogs who were left homeless when their owner passed away. The bonded dogs, dubbed the “grannies,” are Gracie (16 years old) and Taloulah (18 years old) and they are at the Sacramento SPCA.

The animal shelter writes:

These girls both received the Super Senior Special: bloodwork (which looks great for their age!), dentals with extractions, spays, and in Gracie’s case, a much needed haircut. They are looking for a quiet retirement home and may do well with other animals who are pretty low-key and calm.

Gracie and Taloulah lost their person, and their home – but they still have each other. Now all they need is one special person to open their heart and let them in. Please share their story to help them find the perfect new home.

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