Shelter provides update regarding fatally injured dog left outside of facility

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On Friday afternoon, Texas’ Beaumont Animal Care Center provided an update to Facebook followers regarding a severely injured dog named Angel who was left outside of the facility this week. The dog had a shattered pelvis and broken legs and was unable to be saved.

The shelter just updated its Facebook page to let concerned followers know the status of their investigation:

Thank you to everyone who shared the post regarding Angel. We have been able to make contact with the individual and the matter has been resolved.

With advice about proper protocol to surrender an animal:

In light of this event, we would like to go over the proper protocol for surrendering an animal to a shelter. If you have found a stray or injured animal, you need to call the animal control agency for whichever city the animal was found in, as most agencies will not accept animals from outside their city limits.

They will go over the necessary steps and gather any information they need from you. If the animal is found in the Beaumont city limits, please call 311 to have an Animal Control Officer dispatched. Also note that the city of Beaumont does assess a $50 owner surrender fee for any animal that is owned.

We understand that it is stressful to find an injured animal, however, in order for the animal to get the best care, proper protocol must be followed. We are so grateful for our community always keeping an eye out for the animals and supporting us the way they do.

Read the prior article about this situation here.

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2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    So this guy finds/witnesses this poor dog get hit/injured, gets pissed that someone just left the dog to suffer. Then he takes time he probably does NOT have, to pick up the dog and bring it to the nearest animal control location to get help. Still, pissed by the WHOLE scenario he flips off the camera, leaves the dog and abruptly takes off. I truly understand his disgust and frustration, but they’re right, at least try to understand the position THEY are left in when it’s done like this. I applaud this man, even though he’s a bit curt, he did DO the RIGHT thing. Kind of like a good doctor with a CRAPPY bedside manner.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    The whole situation for this dog is very sad. Poor precious treasure was probably someone’s pet & not too “street smart”. She was hit by a vehicle & this man picked her up to get her help…… for whatever reason he couldn’t stay with her and left ASAP.
    Her injuries were so severe that she wouldn’t have been able to live with any life quality….. Her family must be wondering where she is…….


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