Shelter pleads for help – elderly man surrendered 19 terrified cats

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An animal shelter in Indiana is pleading for help following the intake of 19 terrified cats who were surrendered by an elderly man. The Humane Society of Hobart posted an image of the crated cats and shared the sad story with Facebook followers on Wednesday morning. The animal welfare agency writes:

We have a really sad story to share & we need YOUR HELP 😢

Here are some of the 19 cats we took in in the last couple of days from an 80 yr old gentleman. They have only been socialized to him and are incredibly scared.

The shelter continues, explaining the man’s sorrow while surrendering his pets:

Their worlds were just turned upside down and inside out. It was a terribly sad situation each time loading the cats into the van (at his request). He was sobbing but we assured him we will do our very best to find them homes.

And then offering an explanation about how things got out of hand for the man:

We are altering the few he wants back and will continue to check on his living situation going forward. It started out with 2 he said and became 19 quickly and completely unmanageable and just needed help!

The shelter is hoping to find loving, quiet homes for these now homeless cats:

We need adopters who are patient with quiet homes to step up for these cats!!!!!!! If you have the space and time please consider helping one or two of them out! If you cannot adopt please share as always because you never know who will see this and be able to help. If you would like to help towards their medical care donations are always appreciated ❤️

Shelter Facebook page here.

Shelter phone: (219) 942-0103

Shelter website here.

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