Shelter dog with painful uterine condition begged to be rescued before her final hour – granted miracle

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At 6:00 in the evening on Friday, Shayleen’s life was about to end. She had arrived at a public shelter in the Atlanta area in severe pain from a prolapsed uterus. Most shelters that serve the public have few funds to attend to the veterinary needs of sick and injured pets.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue had been informed of Shayleen’s condition and had sent out texts, emails and telephone calls asking for a nearby rescue organization to help her.

“We had an hour to spare to decide whether we could take her. If we say no, she dies. If we say yes, she lives. We have no foster. Nobody has said yes yet. We can’t let her die. We’ve sent a million texts, emails, made calls. Cried, begged. Nobody. But we can’t do it. We can’t let her die. So we need help…”

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

And on Friday evening, animal advocates came through and helped with donations and offers to foster Shayleen. Just a few hours later, Shayleen had left the shelter and was on her way to the organization’s partner veterinarian for life-saving treatment.

Updates to follow.

Donation links APPLY TO FOSTER

WAYS TO GIVE Click the donate button on this post. By using this button you donate directly to Shayleen•

PayPal: let us know it’s Shayleen in the notes •

Follow this link and choose Shayleen from the drop down menu.

To donate by mail: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue P.O. Box 821Alpharetta, GA 30009• You can also become a monthly donor. Choose option “monthly.”

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