Shelter dog too terrified to eat or move – now she is on list to be put down

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Update 4/1/2021 from Blue River Animal Rescue:

Two of the five dogs were adopted out through the shelter before we could get to them. Unfortunately, one of them (Carly) was returned to the shelter by her adopter and put in danger of euthanasia today. We are sad Carly’s home didn’t work out for her but happy we have been able to reunite her with her doggy family. Over the next few months Carly, Carlton, Cinderella and Canby will take time to decompress and then work on finding their perfect homes!
💖Carly/ 3YR/ SPAYED FEMALE/ HW- / 24lbs

A terrified dog at a Houston, Texas, animal shelter is so terrified that she won’t eat or move. The 24-pound dog, dubbed Carly, is labeled “rescue only” and she is out of time.

Staff notes describe her terror:

“Carly remains having a tense body and lying on blanket most of the day. Will not get up for wet food or accept treats. She scurries out of kennel to move away from me. She doesn’t give direct eye contact and cowers when I am near. Carly seems to only eat when staff is gone overnight.”

According to Houston Animal Super Heroes, Carly was one of four dogs that was taken in at the BARC facility as part of a cruelty case. She was adopted, but a few days alter she escaped from a kennel and bit her new owner on the hand when she was being captured. Notes on the Facebook networking page state:

The bite was minor and no treatment was necessary. Carly was returned to the shelter by her owner, and due to this incident Carly will need a rescue to help her, or else she will not leave the shelter alive

Information to save Carly

CARLY – ID# A1748020
Confiscate/ Spayed Female/ Basenji Mix / 3YR/ 24lbs/ HW-

Pets on euth list at BARC without a hold or tag by 12 PM CAN be euthanized starting at 1 PM. This means after 12 PM you must act with IMMEDIACY! TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. You must be PROACTIVE and communicate with the shelter and confirm a hold!
: and you must also email the shelter with pet name and ID# in subject line! Then with a phone call. Please DO NOT WAIT for the last minute!
☎️ CALL: Rescue office (832) 395-9075
Foster office: (832)-385-9076 or (832)-395-9031

Note! This dog is RESCUE ONLY, which means he/she cannot be adopted or fostered out through the shelter. Instead a rescue tag is needed. They can only leave the shelter with an approved rescue group. Please remember rescues need you to offer to foster in order to tag this dog and save it’s life.

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